Synergizing Therapies


Full Body PEMF



PEMF with Massage




$45 /session
or add-on for $25

Red/Near Infrared Light Therapy

add-on for $25

MearaPulse offers a few different options and services for equine clients:


Full Body PEMF – $100

The Full Body PEMF is a fantastic option to deliver all the benefits of PEMF, including pain relief, reducing systemic inflammation, and improved recovery – to name but a few. (More here.) This includes a comprehensive full-body PEMF session tailored for your horse’s needs, plus the extra attention for sensitive/tender areas, and includes legs.


PEMF Intensive (incl. Massage) – $160

Our “Intensive” package includes a comprehensive, whole-body PEMF session, combining massage to help work out tension. This package is most recommended for horses in training, competition, and racing to best remedy aching muscles, prep for competitions and events, and facilitate a faster, smoother recovery.

When used together, PEMF therapy and massage can provide a synergistic effect, enhancing the benefits of each. Thanks to the ability of PEMF to penetrate deep into the tissues, and massage to physically work out areas of tension, we’re able to achieve longer lasting, and increased benefits.


Hoof PEMF – $50 /session (or add-on for $25)

The Hoof add-on is recommended for various conditions affecting the feet, including bruises, laminitis/founder, navicular, and has even been shown to help draw out hoof abscesses. Hoof-only sessions also include leg PEMF to promote circulation back up the leg.

Particularly if your horse has been showing signs of lameness, we do strongly encourage a Full Body PEMF as well for at least the initial session to address compensatory issues throughout the body, but hoof(and leg)-only always remains an option.

*Add-on offer applies in conjunction with a PEMF Intensive or Full Body session. Although the hooves are briefly addressed in the whole body options, adding Hoof PEMF specifically adds extra session time to better address pain and inflammation. Please advise in advance if you’d like to include it as an add-on.


Red/Near Infrared Light Therapy – add-on for $25

Light therapy achieves all the same things PEMF does, but works in a different way. As such, it makes a fantastic compliment to your PEMF session, particularly for conditions affecting the skin, joints and hooves. Combining light therapy with your PEMF session delivers synergistic effects, and can be particularly beneficial for painful afflictions of the hooves and joints such as laminits and arthritis, and non-healing wounds.

*Please advise in advance if you’d like to include light therapy as an add-on.
**If your horse has contraindications for PEMF therapy, light therapy can be offered instead. Please inquire for more information and to discuss your concerns.

Bundle and Save

Group rates available for multiple horses at the same location/day. (Excludes PEMF Intensive.)

Horse and Rider bundle: Add PEMF for a person for only $40 (reg. $70) when combined with equine Full Body PEMF or PEMF Intensive. 


Travel Fees may apply and can be calculated at time of booking.



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