Comprehensive PEMF Therapy


MearaPulse offers mobile PEMF services for people  – as well as their pets – to help you feel your best.


Full Body – $70

This offer includes a full-body PEMF session to promote wellness, help reduce pain and inflammation, improve recovery time, and promote better circulation and oxygenation. 

If you’re suffering from arthritis, joint pain, tendon or ligament strain, muscle aches, back pain, poor sleep, anxiety/depression, etc, adding PEMF therapy to your life can help.


Red/Near Infrared Light – $20 as add-on

Light therapy achieves all the same things PEMF does, but works in a different way. As such, it makes a fantastic compliment to your PEMF session, particularly for conditions affecting the skin and joints. Combining light therapy with your PEMF session delivers synergistic effects, and can be particularly beneficial for painful afflictions of the joints, and non-healing wounds.

*Please advise in advance if you’d like to include light therapy as an add-on.

**If you have contraindications for PEMF therapy, light therapy can be offered instead. Please inquire for more information and to discuss your concerns.

Bundle and Save

Group offers available. Add a pet for special discounts.


Travel Fees may apply and can be calculated at time of booking.


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