Zinc is an essential mineral that offers numerous benefits. It’s important for their immune system, skin, and overall growth.

Benefits of Zinc:

  • Immune Support: Zinc helps boost the immune system, keeping them healthy.
  • Skin Health: It contributes to healthy skin and coat.
  • Growth: Zinc supports their overall development and growth.

Whole Food Sources:

  • Whole grains like oats and barley
  • Legumes such as beans and peas
  • Nuts and seeds like pumpkin seeds
  • Leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach

The ideal dosage can vary depending on the size and specific needs of your pig (100-900mg/kg feed), but if you are concerned about a deficiency (such as with conditions like parakeratosis), or your pig is on a diet but you want to ensure they are getting adequate vitamin intake, 25-50 mg tablets, one per day, make a safe daily additive to support good health. If you ever have concerns or your pig’s condition worsens, be sure to consult with a veterinarian.

For the love of pigs!