Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a remarkable wellness technology and complementary therapy that stimulates cellular processes for pain relief, acts as an anti-inflammatory, and so much more. Although

it’s capable of improving so many functions working with the body’s innate design to heal itself, like our natural healing it performs better when we provide ideal conditions. As powerful of a tool as PEMF is in its own right, there are simple things you can do before and after a session to help maximize the benefits, whether for yourself or an animal you love.

1. Stay Hydrated

Water makes up 60-70% of horses and people (and most mammals, for that matter), and facilitates the chemistry of biology in living beings. You may remember high school science referring to it as the universal solvent, but it is so much more! Water is the means of communication for proteins and is central to cellular respiration, metabolism, and waste removal. Because PEMF stimulates these cellular processes, it’s crucial that all those tissues are hydrated well! Because PEMF rejuvenates the cells, this also stimulates a detoxification effect and water is critical to carry and flush out all the toxins and waste from this process.

2. Take Electrolytes

You may be familiar with electrolytes as an essential supplement for athletesand sporthorses, but they are essential components for overall health. Sodium and potassium are responsible for the polarization process of cells which is one of the systems directly influenced by PEMF therapy. Also, because the effects of PEMF occur as a result of its influence on ions (including magnesium), ensuring sufficient magnesium in the body will have a complimentary effect.


3. Nutrition

The old adage that “you are what you eat” is as true for your horses and pets as it is for yourself. Because we see what we eat as whole foods, it’s hard to visualize all the macro-nutrients and elements that it’s comprised of. Good nutrition isn’t just about having all the vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and so on that the body needs, it also means reducing the amount of harmful compounds that foster inflammation and toxify our blood and cells. Sugar is the worst. Naturally, it’s also addictive and delicious, but it breeds inflammation and promotes sick, cancer-causing conditions in the body. Bombarding our bodies with greasy, sugary, over-processed junk foods makes your body have to work that much harder to detoxify. PEMF will help with that detoxification but is more likely to cause feelings of tiredness as your body works harder to dispel all that waste. The cleaner you eat, the more efficiently those processes can function.

4. Dynamic Stretching and Exercise

Whether you incorporate yoga in your life, or work on your carrot stretches with your horse, dynamic stretching and positive, conscious movements during or after a PEMF session mobilizes all that freshly rejuvenated blood to tissues around the body while also helping to entrain a mind/body connection and relieve muscle pain. Dynamic stretches during sessions also exposes the tissues and muscles to PEMF from different angles which can further enhance benefits. PEMF will help alleviate achy, tight muscles, but putting the effort between sessions will truly synergize the positive effects for better overall wellness, range of motion, and movement.

5. Work with your Vet/Physician

PEMF has demonstrated ability to compliment traditional treatments for a wide variety of health conditions (from wound healing to chemotherapy), so if you or your pet is being treated for a medical or health condition, it’s important that all members of the wellness team are working together.With the healing benefits of PEMF coupled with its ability to increase absorption of medications, it is also common to be able to reduce painkillers and other medications. For this reason, particularly with conditions that require regular monitoring (such as thyroid issues, Cushing’s, cancer, etc), it’s important to work with healthcare and veterinary professionals to ensure dosages are ideal.


Although PEMF seems to be relatively recently gaining traction in the medical and veterinary worlds, more and more health practitioners are becoming aware and knowledgeable of its benefits. Particularly if you or your pet is dealing with any kind of medical condition, it’s important to let your PEMF practitioner know so you can work with both them and your medical professional to get the most out of your sessions, and adjust medications as necessary. With your team working together, including bodyworkers, chiropractors, etc, you can truly work together, and even schedule appointments to be most advantageous to increase effectiveness of all of the above.